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Jacoby & Jacoby: Firm Overview

Committed to Defending Your Rights

Facing criminal charges is a stressful and emotional ordeal for anyone. When you are arrested, there are few situations in life that can be more intimidating and humiliating. Relationships with your employer, your family and your friends can all be jeopardized. It is important to remember that you do have rights and you do not have to go through this alone. A skilled and experienced Long Island criminal defense lawyer from our accomplished legal team should be contacted at once. With over 50 years of combined experience, Jacoby & Jacoby has helped thousands of clients through the most difficult periods of their lives. Our firm provides our clients with professional representation and a passionate defense of your constitutional rights.

The penalties for a criminal conviction vary greatly depending on the specific circumstances of your case. Beyond the immediate penalties are the long term effects including a criminal record which can make it difficult to gain employment, get credit or even find a place to live. Our firm takes the time to listen to you and understand your goals. Our legal team is devoted to helping our clients throughout the entire process. In many cases, our clients are unsure about what the possibilities to defend against the charge, and what rights they have. We will ensure that you are kept fully informed about the legal process and what our strategy will be to fight for you and your defense.

Fighting for Your Rights in Long Island

If you are being investigated or have been arrested and charged, you need an attorney by your side who will not allow you to be intimidated. Facing an aggressive prosecution is a formidable obstacle as they have access to nearly unlimited resources including expert witnesses. Our powerful firm has access to exceptional professional resources and top experts and we will utilize these resources to provide you with an aggressive and defense. When you work with one of our seasoned attorneys, you can feel confident that you are being represented by a hard-hitting and determined advocate who will vigorously defend you.

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