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Embezzlement Lawyer Serving Long Island

Have you been accused of embezzling funds?

Embezzlement charges are filed against those who are believed to be responsible for stealing funds that they had access to or control over in their employment. The charges can be filed for taking money from petty cash through to cases in which millions of dollars have disappeared through accounting, check fraud or other means. If you or a loved one has been accused of this crime, it is imperative that you act quickly and contact a Long Island criminal lawyer from Jacoby & Jacoby. If you are charged with embezzling funds, you must act quickly. If you are under investigation for this white collar crime, exercise your right to remain silent and contact our firm to protect your rights in any interviews.

Types of Embezzlement Charges

The most common types of embezzlement charges involved the misuse of a credit card (fraud), falsifying records such as invoices or accounts to cover up the theft of funds, stealing small amounts of money over a period of time, or the theft of a large sum at one time. The value of the money or property involved will determine whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony. Employers move forward quickly to call in the authorities if they suspect an employee has taken money from them - even a small amount. When the embezzlement crime is at a value over $400 the charge could be a felony offense.

If you are accused of embezzling from your employer, it is essential that you get a Long Island criminal attorney to protect your rights and fight for you to avoid the penalties that could be involved if you are convicted. With early intervention by our attorney, it could be possible to resolve the matter without criminal charges being filed. The need for an attorney cannot be underestimated in such cases. Your ability to get future employment can be seriously affected even if you have only been accused of this crime. Our firm has the resources to challenge the accusation of embezzlement, including computer experts, forensic accountants and others, as well as a high level of negotiating skill. We will immediately get into action when we take on your case.

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