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Traffic Ticket Attorney in Long Island

Speeding, Racing, Reckless Driving & Other Charges

Traffic tickets normally result in nothing more than minimal fines. They can however, depending on the actual offense, lead to a license suspension. Traffic violations lead to extra points on your license and if you already had accumulated points, then you will face the serious issue of a license suspension. There are other hidden costs in such cases, including insurance premiums increasing in cost, as well as the court fees and fines. Regardless of the violation, you should contact a Long Island criminal lawyer to challenge or defend yourself in a traffic ticket hearing.

Fight your ticket with a Long Island criminal lawyer!

Throughout New York, attention on giving our pricey traffic tickets is on the rise; financially stressed cities need the income. If you were pulled over and cited, something can be done about it. Some common traffic tickets we can defend include speeding, reckless driving, failure to yield, driving without insurance, driving with an expired license and running a red light or stop sign. We can defend you in all of these violations. Our law firm has over fifty years of combined legal experience and can help you in your traffic ticket dispute. We will review all of the necessary details including police reports, videos and eyewitness accounts to gain evidence that supports your case. License suspension, expensive fines and increases in insurance premiums are at risk if you do not seek the professional help of a lawyer from Jacoby & Jacoby.

Our experience in the New York legal system has left us with great knowledge of how to handle traffic ticket cases. We proceed to challenge the evidence that led to your citation and are frequently successfully. We know how important your ability to legally drive is and we move forward at once to fight your ticket. In many cases, we are successful and we can help you too. Avoiding the repercussions of a serious ticket and the resulting fines, insurance costs and points is important and we will do everything possible to fight the ticket.

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