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Long Island Sex Crime Attorney

Sex Crime Defense: Child Pornography Rape, Prostitution

The repercussions of a sex crime conviction can be absolutely devastating when it comes to your personal and professional life. These offenses carry with them an immense amount of social stigma. Not only will you face prison time and fines if convicted, your reputation will be permanently tarnished as well. Convicted individuals face mandatory sex offender registration, meaning that your name, address, and photograph will be placed on the internet and published for anyone to access. As a registered sex offender you will find it very difficult to find a good job and will be restricted with regard to where you can live or what areas you are legally allowed to be present. If you are accused of a sex crime it is very important that you seek out a Long Island criminal defense lawyer immediately.

What are the different types of sex crimes?

There are a great many sex offenses that are exceptionally dangerous if you are convicted. A sex crime usually entails some accusation regarding sexual abuse. Sexual assault, rape, and other forms of physical abuse are all heavily prosecuted sex crimes that have extreme punishments. Prostitution or soliciting sexual favors in return for money or goods, while not as clearly a form of sexual abuse, is also considered a sex crime. An individual can also charged with a sex crime for internet -related offenses and for possessing child pornography. No matter what your situation is, if accused of a sex crime, you should not hesitate in getting an aggressive defense lawyer from our firm to move forward in defending your case.

Jacoby & Jacoby: Fighting Your Charges

At the Law Firm of Jacoby & Jacoby, we take defending sex crimes very seriously. The consequences of a sex crime conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life. With over 50 years of combined experience, our attorneys will do everything in their power to have your charges dropped, reduced or pursue an acquittal at court. Do not hesitate to call our firm today. The longer you wait the further the case will progress through the justice system, and our early involvement can be crucial for you with regard to your final case outcome.

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