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Juvenile Crime & Criminal Charges

Long Island Juvenile Crime Attorney

The juvenile court system is far different, and offers more hope for young people, as the focus is on rehabilitation as opposed to punishment. In serious criminal charges, there is often an effort made by the prosecutor to move the case to adult court. This is a dangerous situation, and it is important that a Long Island criminal defense attorney from Jacoby & Jacoby gets involved early in the case.

We represent young people in all types of criminal charges, including defending underage DWI, shoplifting, theft crimes, violent crimes such as assault, rape, as well as vandalism, drug possession, murder, manslaughter and other misdemeanor and felony charges. There is always the possibility, depending on the age of the child and the crime committed, that your child could be charged as an adult and face maximum consequences. The best thing you can do for your child right now is to contact a Long Island criminal lawyer. We are committed to protecting the rights of young people who are accused of crimes throughout the Long Island area.

Defending Your Child's Future

Your child may have been under peer pressure or experiencing some emotional complications when they committed the crime. Regardless of reason, we can help you. Our law firm has over fifty years of combined legal experience and over that time period we have represented numerous juveniles. The main goal our firm is to see your child's charges either reduced or dropped. We provide each client with extreme dedicated during the entire legal process. Your child's case will be reviewed by our knowledgeable team along with any corresponding evidence. A plan of action will be established and corresponding legal action can be taken.

Contact a Long Island Criminal Lawyer

We are prepared to investigate every defense option for our young clients, including pursuing alternative sentencing, reduced charges, and treatment programs. We understand that having your child facing criminal charges is very difficult and distressing. We recommend that you contact our firm at once to review and evaluate the case against them so that we can determine our best course of action. Our early intervention in their case can be extremely beneficial. When you retain our juvenile criminal attorney, you can expect a commitment to your child's defense and a personal concern about their future. Don't wait to contact a Long Island, NY criminal lawyer from our legal team.

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