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Harassment Lawyer in Long Island

Defending Harassment Charges

Under New York §240.25, if an individual intentionally and repeatedly harasses another person by following them, or engaging in a course of conduct, or by repeatedly committing acts that puts another person in reasonable fear of physical injury, a charge of harassment can be filed against you. If law enforcement has evidence (including a verbal report from an alleged victim) you can be charged with first degree harassment, a class B misdemeanor. When the harassment is more serious, such as when one person strikes, shoves, kicks or threatens to do so, they could be facing a 2nd degree harassment charge. Aggravated harassment is related to threats, verbally or written that are made against another person, including through email or other electronic media. In cases of domestic violence, there are frequently charges of harassment when there have been ongoing disputes between the parties involved. You need to contact a Long Island criminal defense lawyer if you have been accused of harassment.

Penalties for Harassment Charges in Long Island

Harassment charges can be filed in cases of religious or sexual discrimination, racial discrimination, or cases of harassment related to another person's country of origin, ancestry, gender, age, or disability. Charges related to this type of harassment are a Class E felony with heavy penalties in a conviction. Our litigious society can lead to serious criminal charges when an innocent comment is misinterpreted; there are always two sides to the story, and our firm is committed to protecting the interests and rights of clients that are accused of harassment, and in fighting for their defense in court.

The penalties for harassment are determined from the severity and classification of the charge. For example, if you sexually harassed a co-worker then you may face harsher consequences than a similar verbal harassment charge. Any actual physical contact involved in harassment will result in much more severe penalties. Prison sentences, fines, restraining orders, and court -ordered community service or counseling could be some of the penalties you could receive. Protect your rights and best interests by trusting a law firm with years of experience and reputation for winning. We possess the legal knowledge and experience, over fifty combined years, to bring to the table for your defense.

Turn to a Long Island Criminal Attorney

We understand that this charge may be complicating many aspects of your life, but we can help you get through it. Harassment cases require thorough research and review of every detail. Interviews will be conducted and evidence can be sought to strengthen your defense. Our legal team will determine what options you have available and the appropriate course of action. Jacoby & Jacoby is prepared to fight for your rights and freedom. We recommend that you contact our firm as early as possible, as negotiations early in the case can be very productive for those accused of the crime of harassment.

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