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Appealing a Case in New York

Long Island, NY Criminal Attorney

Being convicted of a criminal offense is a terrible experience that can leave you feeling lost and hopeless. While our system is not perfect, and people are wrongfully convicted or unjustly punished, you do have the recourse through the appeals process. Appellate law is very complicated and demands the attention of a passionate and knowledgeable Long Island criminal defense lawyer from our accomplished appeals lawyer. Preparing an appeal demands knowledge of the intricate details of appellate law including the procedural law for Federal, State and appellate court. At Jacoby & Jacoby, we are well-versed in appellate law and can provide the skill and insight necessary to navigate the complex appeals process.

One of our attorneys will take the time to carefully listen to you so that we can understand the exact details of your case. We will thoroughly investigate your case to determine how to proceed with an appeal. Our highly skilled and resourceful attorneys will put their considerable talent to work for you to draft a clear and compelling appellate brief on your behalf. When an appeal is presented to the court, it is critical that your attorney is very well prepared to argue your case and answer any questions a judge could have. An prepared advocate is necessary for your appeal to be successful. Our lawyers have the experience and ability that you need. With our lawyer by your side, you can feel confident that you are being fully represented by an attorney that is both determined and capable of achieving the best possible outcome.

Fighting a Conviction in Appellate Court

When you or someone in your family has been wrongfully convicted of a crime, the emotional turmoil can be overwhelming. If the case resulted in a miscarriage of justice, or if the punishment was too severe y ou should move forward immediately to pursue an appeal. There is limited time in which to file and this vital legal action should be undertaken without delay. We know that people are wrongfully convicted and that there are innocent people serving time. Additionally, the punishments issued by the courts are often unreasonable. Our firm steadfastly believes in your constitutional rights. We also appreciate that people make mistakes but deserve a chance to make the most of their lives. One of our attorneys may be able to help you successfully appeal your case and create a much brighter future for you and your family.

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